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  • Tweets from Trans Siberia

    At 13.50, Monday May 9th 2016 I left Moscow for Irkursk in Siberia, which is 5178km away. Without changing trains, I arrived at 08.47 (local...
  • Swedish Pronunciation

    My notes on Swedish pronunciation after advice from Emma Eurenius. These are currently only the long vowel sounds. a: are b: - c: ss d:...
  • Unbound

    Bondage Naively I had assumed that I would be bound by my hands and feet to a bed and be punished by a leather-clad dominatrix....
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About Me

picture "Picture of Tom BH" Hello, I’m Thomas Buckley-Houston, but you can call me Tom. I am from Bristol, UK, but I’m currently traveling the world.

I’m a full-stack web developer, you can see the code I’ve written on Github.

In the real world I like to meditate and spend time at Gaia House. I have a degree in Religious Studies and like to read, write and podcast about spiritual matters.

Please feel free to get in touch —

Or follow my tweets, sigh at my Facebook updates, watch my Youtubes, look at my Flickr, join my LinkedIn, or hangout on my G+ profile.


Walking Wales

Walking Wales

In the Autumn of 2014 I walked solo 270km from North Wales to my flat in Bristol. Somewhat of a pilgrimage I managed to document the adventure on video, which you can now watch it on Youtube.

Peas: Platform as a Service


Possibly the most complex software I’ve ever written. This is a Heroku-inspired service that allows you to host and scale your own 12 Factor Apps. It got on the front page of Hacker News.

Source on Github

TEDx Talk

Dharma API

I gave a short talk at TEDx Bath about vulnerability. It used pictures of cats with their heads sticking through pieces of bread, people laughed.

You can watch it on Youtube.

The Dharma API

Dharma API

This is an ambitious project to try and archive all the dharma talks (Buddhist-themed teachings about meditation) on the Internet. There’s about 17 thousand at the moment. It’s written using Ruby’s Sinatra to adhere to traditioanl REST specifications.

Visit site or view source on Github.

Reddit Drill


Being an avid redditor (see Reddit), I often stumble upon deep comment threads. Some even grow to be many thousands long. So, I developed a visualiser that parses Reddit’s API and graphs deep threads in an easily consumable visual form.

It’s written in Python, hosted on Google App Engine and can be contributed to via Github.

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Animated #uksnow Twitter Hashtag

UKsnow Timelapse

This is simply the same concept as Ben Marsh’s #uksnow map — therefore plotting all tweets that contain the hashtag “#uksnow” and some gecodable data (like a postcode or placename). Except that my version also animates the tweets over time (starting from December 31st 2009), this allows you to watch the ebb and flow of the snowfall which nicely matches the Met Office cloud-cover and precipitation data for the same periods.

Makes heavy use of jQuery, Google Maps API, Google Geolocation API, MySQL cache. Read my accompanying blog post here.

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Reality to HTML

Nicola Marie

Forget those PSD2HTML services, I’ve developed a technique for converting reality to valid HTML!

Nicola Marie »

wNOP — Compiz-enabled Linux

wNOP - Compiz Linux

I was, for a while, actively involved in the Puppy Linux community during which time I developed a popular derivative called wNOP that automatically configured the OpenGL Window Manager, Compiz-Fusion, ‘out-of-the-box’. So I am told, tens of thousands of copies have been downloaded.